Lindo ORG-SL Slim Electro Acoustic Guitar

Lindo ORG-SL Slim Electro Acoustic Guitar

Created by Lindo Guitars in the UK, with a range of features and benefits to appeal to all levels of players, the ORG-SL range leads the way in slim electro-acoustic guitar designs. The integrated pre-amp with digital tuner is ideal for tuning on the move and features a chromatic mode for custom string tunings as well as an auto mode for regular. The backlit LCD ensures visibility in all lighting conditions so you are not caught out trying to find your tuning pedal

When you are connected to an amplifier - making those live tweaks to the sounds you create has never been easier. Bass, middle, treble and presence sliders and a master volume dial on the pre-amp unit are all to hand which means you can boost levels for a lead progression or reduce treble for a rhythm section – all is possible.

The XLR socket with enhanced signal has also been integrated so that you can plug directly into external PA equipment or recording desk whilst also being connected to your guitar amplifier – great for playing live, recording at home or in a professional studio.

Visually, the ORG-SL has other unique touches like a metal logo inlay on the headstock and ‘shark tooth’ inlays on the rosewood fingerboard. As well as looking stylish, the Florentine cutaway body shape offers you added functionality so you can easily reach for the notes higher up the fingerboard. The compensated bridge saddle provides accurate intonation across the fingerboard and the high quality die-cast tuning pegs ensure the guitar holds its tune.

When you are not connected to an amplifier, the natural tones of the guitar are still very pleasing despite a slimmer body design. The combination of a generous upper and lower bout width, spruce top, catalpa neck, rosewood bridge and bone nut and saddle mean a good balance of highs and lows and plenty of resonance.