Gig Venues of London – A List of the Best

There’s no music like live music, so if you’re heading out on the weekend to check out some bands then you may wish to be in the know regarding which places in London are simply the best for live music.

It’s a rarity in the charts these days to see actual guitarists play real guitars, see bands writing their own songs, and singers either performing without auto-tune or even singing live at all, but if you go to London you’ll most definitely discover a whole host of music venues, the walls of which house only the finest up and coming bands, singer/songwriters, and other kinds of musical performances. Sure, London’s a big city and there’s no way to make an exhaustive list of every single music venue out there, but whilst ravers have their Fabric, Cable, and The Drop, so must the rockers and live music appreciators out there have their venues of choice. Here on this page of London Guitar Show, you will find what are considered by many to be the very best venues for live music in the city of London so that you’ll never have to be disappointed by another venue again.

Electric Ballroom, Camden

Electric Ballroom, Camden

You can’t ignore a venue that has as much history as the Electric Ballroom, what with bands like The Smiths, U2, and The Clash having been known to play there in the past. Though it most certainly has a great reputation on account of the rich musical history behind it, this venue remains a vibrant venue for live music and is perhaps one of the most convenient locations for people to get to since it is right next to Camden Town tube station. Upcoming gigs include Protest the Hero, Cage the Elephant, Borgore, and Reverend and the Makers. Check out the Electric Ballroom Facebook Page

The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch

Owned by Vice Magazine, The Old Blue Last is quite the legendary music venue and resides in the trendier part of London. Though you’ll often find it packed out with hipsters and people trying so desperately to be hipsters that it sort of defeats the point, you can’t deny the quirkiness and downright intimate nature of the venue. The lack of a backstage area means bands/DJs, which play every single night of the week, can often be found mingling with the crowd. Past performances include the Arctic Monkeys and Young Knives, and gigs aren’t going to cost you more than five English pounds or so, if anything at all.

The Roundhouse, Camden

The Roundhouse has seen the likes of Jimi Hendrix and The Doors, though it isn’t without some tumultuous history that the venue is still standing today. When its funding dried up, it was vacant for around twenty years before being renovated and transformed into the venue it is today complete with various other projects such as practice rooms and studios to nurture young talent and give them the tools needed to break into the industry. Newton Faulker, Babyshambles, and Franz Ferdinand are just a few of the names playing here in the near future.

The 100 Club, Oxford Street

The 100 Club is one of the longest-standing live music venues in the city; it has been open to the public since 1942. This venue has nurtured a huge range of bands from an eclectic range of genres from R’n’B and punk to pop music. The Sex Pistols and Oasis are just a few bands from the venue’s past and its future holds performances many bands hoping to be the future of the UK music scene. Visit The 100 Club website for listings and more information.

Half Moon, Putney

Its history is bathed in the nectar of folk music but this venue has seen some names that went on to be huge like U2 and The Rolling Stones. Live music can be experience here almost every night, with listings full of new bands and the occasional tribute act as well. You can check out some of the listings for the venue here

Nambucca, Islington

If you’re aware of any buzz surrounding a new band you haven’t yet heard of, the chances are that they may be playing here and will probably be coming to prominence in the near future if history is anything to go by. Bombay Bicycle Club have played this spacious venue, though its cavernous feel soon dissipates once crowds gather for a show. The club has a website where you can find more information.